The Lord's Prayer In this, the final talk in our series on prayer, we examine in some detail the model of all Christian prayer, the prayer that Jesus Himself taught to His disciples, and to us, when He was asked how we should pray. The Lord’s Prayer, or The Our Father, is so familiar to us, and yet, perhaps because of that familiarity, we often lose sight of just what we’re praying. May we never get used to saying these extraordinary words!
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Why Does God Say "No"? In this, the third of four talks on prayer, we try to delve into one of the more troubling questions we have with regard to prayer: How come, so often, our prayers are either not answered at all, or the answer is “No?? There are certainly many reasons for this, but we begin to examine some of these in detail.
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Lectio Divina The second installment in St. Anastasia's Prayer Series with Fr. John
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I Thrist The first in a four part series on Prayer.
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Why Rome Is Home For Catholics Audio of Fr. John's Scavi Tour.  From Tap on Theology May 10th, 2006
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Why Rome Is Home For Catholics Join Fr. John on this Scavi Tour.  From Tap on Theology May 10th, 2006
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