Deacon Steve Mitchell preached at all of the weekend masses at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church for Feast of Divine Mercy. In this Divine Mercy Mass from Sunday at 3 PM, Deacon Steve tells the congregants that a life marked by the empty tomb is one spent looking up at the cross and not back at our past. Focusing on the right image, listening to the right words - the ones Jesus speaks over us versus what the devil says about us - shapes our lives.

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Newly ordained transitional deacon Andrew Mabee preached at the 6 AM sunrise Mass at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church on Easter Sunday. Deacon Drew looks at the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus and the true meaning of the empty tomb. The church proclaims the Good News that He has risen in churches throughout the world, and there is hope for all of us.

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The deceiver is deceived, his dominion is destroyed, and you and I have been sent out as witnesses.

Fr. Riccardo discusses the sheer power of God while referencing a second century homily from Bishop Melito of Turkey and addressing the congregation that included some 34 people about to receive the Sacraments of Baptism and/or Confirmation. Fr. John discusses the freedom given to the baptized as their sins are washed away and they are given new power with authority over their lives. He also discusses what it means to be sent out. When we have been rescued by Jesus we are sent to rescue others by telling them about Him. Our joy should be uncontainable, and our response should be to worship God for what He has done for us.


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Fr. Riccardo describes three messages God gives to us as we contemplate the crucifixion of Jesus today. For those who suffer, Jesus proves his love for us in choosing to die for our salvation. For those who feel unworthy, Jesus chose to die for all. His mercy is for every person. For those who see the crucifixion as a symbol of weakness or defeat, Jesus chose this way to defeat Satan and to conquer death.

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In this homily from the Holy Thursday Evening Mass of the Lord's Supper Fr. Riccardo discusses two recent articles published by Detroit Free Press columnist Mitch Albom. Fr. John points out that America and the world have no hope without God and his saving power and love. He concludes by telling the congregants that the eclipse of God is over. In the midst of our despair, God promises to be our hope and to wipe away all of our tears.

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Our Lady of Good Counsel was blessed to have The Most Reverend Allen H. Vigneron, Archbishop of Detroit, preside at the Palm Sunday Vigil Mass as he dedicated the new altar of the church. In his Mass homily, Archbishop Vigneron discusses the victory of Jesus Christ won by His crucifixion and His rising.

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Deacon Dave Carignan preached at all of the weekend masses at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church for the last weekend of March. In this homily from the 10 AM Mass, Deacon Dave discusses his recent viewing of the film Unplanned and details how the film brings to light the true facts of the abortion industry as told by a former Planned Parenthood leader Abby Johnson. What Abby saw in a Texas clinic led to her transformation from clinic director to joining her former clinic protestors at 40 Days For Life, where she has become one of the most ardent pro-life speakers in America.

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