Fr. Riccardo reflects on his recent vacation in Utah while discussing the importance of changing the routines in our lives. Fr. John encourages the congregants to spend time reading the word of God while letting Him knead His truth, love and mercy in our minds, hearts and wills. Whoever has ears ought to hear (MT 13:43).

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Fr. Prentice Tipton preached at all of the Masses this past weekend at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church. Fr. Prentice looks at the gospel reading (MT 11:25-30) while discussing our need for receptivity. Fr. Prentice emphasizes our need to become "little ones" and learn how to receive from God all that He has in store for us.

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Before entering the convent (Daughters of St. Paul), Sr. Helena had adopted and internalized a radical feminist philosophy from her youngest years. Even after meeting God at 15 and later experiencing a call to religious life, radical feminism was the only intellectual framework she had to work from. She wasn't even fully conscious of that until...Theology of the Body. Little by little--through the Theology of the Body and the grace of God--Sr. Helena got in touch with her true feminine voices and instincts. She now celebrates what is uniquely women's power, authority, mission and influence in the Church and in the world, and share this truly liberating message with men and women across the USA and Canada (and beyond, through media).

Sr. Helena defines radical feminism as "denying any significant differences between the sexes." So, if there's no difference--guess which sex gets obliterated? Yup. The female sex. And we all "become" males. But by the same logic: if there are no gender differences, then gender itself is just an immaterial social construct (and nothing to do with the body), and we can do away with gender all together. But this is not even scientific. It's the triumph of the will.

Sr. Helena says: "John Paul II gave me permission to be a woman. And being a woman is enough, because being a woman is GOOD!"

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