In his homily for Christmas, Fr. Riccardo encourages the congregation to use the evidence of history to study the person of Jesus (His life, His death, and His resurrection) in order to learn the good news of His story.
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In this homily for the fourth Sunday of Advent, Fr. Riccardo asks the congregation to resolve to pray for each other daily in these times of uncertainty.
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Our Lady of Good Counsel Pastoral Associate Don Leach recently appeared on the Madonna University television program Madonna Magazine. Deacon Don was interviewed by host Audrey Sommers concerning the parish's efforts to support the the community of Haciendita Uno, El Salvador. Deacon Don was joined by Fr. Don Vettese, S.J. and by Ms. Lynn Tulloch. Fr. Vettese is the President of Central American Ministries. Ms. Tulloch is a senior at Fr. Gabriel Richard High School. This is a video podcast in standard definition. It should play in iTunes, using Apple's QuickTime movie player, on an AppleTV, or on a video iPod. It is a 136 MB download, so a broadband connection is recommended. The podcast is published here with permission from Madonna University.
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In this homily for the second Sunday of Advent, Fr. Riccardo discusses the importance of the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
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