Fr. Riccardo discusses why bearing witness to Christ is so important and urgent in this homily from Our Lady of Good Counsel Church. Fr. John looks at the witness given by Fr. Sixtus O'Connor to imprisoned Nazis awaiting trial at Nuremberg after World War II while remarking that our personal witness can lead to the salvation of others. Fr. John points out that, "Only Jesus can turn hostility and disunity and enmity to unity and brotherhood and family."

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Fr. Prentice Tipton preached at all of the Masses at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church this past weekend. In this homily from the 10 AM Mass, Fr. Prentice discusses the upcoming election and the important issues that Catholics face in the voting booth. Fr. Prentice reviews the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops document Forming Consciences for Faithful Citizenship.

Direct download: FPTHomily110616_10.m4a
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This is Fr. Riccardo's homily from the evening Mass at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church for The Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed.

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While celebrating Mass for the Solemnity of All Saints, Fr. Riccardo encourages the congregants to learn about particular heroic men and women in the history of the church, and to tell their stories to our children and grandchildren so that we all can be  roused to be great.

Direct download: Homily110116.m4a
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Deacon Dave Carignan preached at all of the Masses at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church this past weekend. In this homily from the 10 AM Mass, Deacon Dave asks, "Why do we drink from the poison of sin yet refuse to seek the antidote?"

Direct download: DeaconCarignanHomily103016.m4a
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Fr. Riccardo discusses his recent pilgrimage to Poland, abortion, and the upcoming presidential election in this homily from the Wednesday evening Mass at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church.

Direct download: Homily102615.m4a
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While reflecting on the gospel account of Jesus healing the ten lepers (LK 17:11-19), Fr. Prentice Tipton points out that the ingratitude of His people wounds the heart of Jesus. Fr. Prentice tells the congregants that it is our vocation as catholics to offer thanks and praise to God for all of his good gifts to us. His goodness is meant to transform us from spectators into worshipers. 

Direct download: FPTHomily100916_10.m4a
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Fr. Riccardo preached at all of the weekend Masses this past weekend as the parish pastoral staff continued a series of reflections to lay the groundwork for the building of a missionary parish. This week, Fr. John looked at faith as a building block while asking what it means to believe.

Direct download: Homily100216_5.m4a
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Deacon Dave Carignan discusses human trafficking in this homily from the noon Mass at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church. Deacon Dave's weekly bulletin article (page 3) is an excellent resource for this podcast as well. 

Direct download: DeaconCarignan092516.m4a
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On September 14th, Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish was pleased to host Fr. Patrick Winslow who spoke on Charisms in the Missionary Church. You may read a brief biography of Fr. Winslow here. This talk is available in video format on the parish YouTube channel.

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This is Fr. Riccardo's homily from the Mass of the Holy Spirit celebrated at the start of the new school year.

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Fr. Riccardo looks at the challenging words of Jesus from today's gospel (LK 14:25-33) while discussing the requirements of discipleship. Fr. John asks the congregants, "Do we live for ourselves or for Him first?"

Direct download: Homily090416_12.m4a
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Deacon Dave Carignan preached about the need for a humble heart in this homily from the 8 AM Mass at OLGC.

Direct download: DeaconCarignanHomily082816_8.m4a
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While reflecting on the scripture readings of this day (WIS 18:6-9; HEB 11:1-2, 8-19; and LK 12:32-48), Fr. Riccardo tells the congregation that faith is a gift from God that enables us to know things that we otherwise cannot know. Fr. John discusses the adversary who tries to keep us from our destiny, and proposes the recitation of the Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel at the end of each Mass.

Direct download: Homily080716_5.m4a
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On the feast day of Saints Joachim and Anne, the grandparents of Jesus, Our Lady of Good Counsel Parish held a special evening for grandparents that focused on prayer for grandchildren, adoration, praise, and fellowship. The remarks of OLGC Deacons Dave Carignan and Vince Small, and those of former parishioner Fr. Bob Schikora, from the event are published in this podcast.

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Fr. Riccardo reflects on the words of Presidents John Adams, James Madison, and Abraham Lincoln as well as on a promise from God while offering a proposal to the parish community of Our Lady of Good Counsel. Fr. John points out that the only remedy for what ails our nation is to turn to God with fasting, repentance, and prayer. Fr. John proposes that for the remainder of the calendar year we fast each Wednesday as a parish family, gather to pray the rosary at 6 PM in the church, and then break the fast with reception of the Holy Eucharist during the evening Mass

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The world-famous International Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Fatima was present at Our Lady of Good Counsel on July 27th for public veneration as part of a 21-month journey across America honoring the 100th Anniversary of the apparitions at Fatima. OLGC was pleased to have Bishop Oliver Dashe Doeme, head of the Diocese of Maiduguri in Nigeria's Borno State, present to celebrate the evening Mass. In this homily, Bishop Doeme tells the congregation how his diocese has overcome many obstacles to faith by their devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Direct download: FatimaMassHomily072716.m4a
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For the weekend of July 24 & 25 Our Lady of Good Counsel Church was pleased to host Fr. Tom Carroll of the Piarist Fathers. Fr. Tom addressed the congregants at each Mass with a missionary appeal for financial support for the Piarist School in Martin, Kentucky. Listeners may learn more about the school by visiting the school website.

Direct download: PiaristSchoolAppeal.m4a
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Fr. Riccardo discusses the reasons why we have statues, images, and relics in our church in this homily from Our Lady of Good Counsel Church. Fr. John reminds the congregants that we experience reality through our senses, and in particular through sight. Fr. John discusses the recent addition to the church of a relic from St. Maximilian Kolbe, and reflects on the gospel account of the Good Samaritan (COL 1:15-20), while offering the congregants a suggestion of four simple ways to practice love in our daily life.

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Fr. Riccardo discusses reasons why catholics do not evangelize in this homily from the 8 AM Mass at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church.

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